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The Consumer Code

The Consumer Code was created for home builders to have a set of best practice guidelines to follow. We follow the Consumer Code as well as our own Customer Charter to ensure our customers receive the very best experience in their home buying journey.

The Consumer Code for Home Builders is a mandatory code which was established for home builders to ensure that they follow best practice in all aspects of selling a new home, from marketing through to customer service.

The purpose of the code is to ensure that home buyers are treated fairly and know what level of service they can expect, and that they are given reliable, relevant information to make a well-informed decision, in addition to understanding how to access dispute-resolution arrangements if needed.

At Hill, we fully support the aims of this industry-led code – you can find out more about The Consumer Code on its website:

Our Customer Charter is our promise to put our customers and their needs at the forefront of everything we do.

We will endeavour to;

  • Ensure our marketing and advertising materials are clear, truthful and factual
  • Provide detailed information throughout the reservation process to enable you to make an informed decision
  • Set out the key terms of your purchase including the purchase price, reservation period, estimated completion date and any other information in the reservation agreement
  • Invite you to meet the site manager who is in charge of building your new home so you can ask any questions you may have
  • Offer fair and clearly set our contract of sale terms and conditions – we recommend you appoint a professional legal advisor to carry out the legal formalities of buying a new home and to represent your interests
  • Provide you with regular updates regarding the progress of your new home
  • Invite you to visit your new home before you move in, so you can familiarise yourself with your new home, and understand where everything is and how everything works before you move in
  • Inform you about Hill’s two year warranty along with the NHBC 10 year warranty
  • Provide health and safety advice to minimise any risk of danger when visiting the development during its construction phase, or if you are living in your new home whilst we are still building
  • Provide information about what happens after you move in to your new home, and provide details of the customer service team
  • Offer a formal complaints process if you feel you haven’t received the service you should have.

Our Customer Charter commitments do not affect your statutory rights and complied with the requirements of the Consumer Code.