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Our Buying Guide

To help with buying your new home, our sales team will support you through the process. To know what to expect, you can use our helpful guide below.

  • You will have spoken to our sales team, discussed the specification and benefits of your desired home and chosen your new home.
  • You will be invited to a reservation meeting with a sales executive, who will ensure you have all the information you need about what the reservation and purchasing process entails.
  • Once you have completed your reservation form and paid a deposit, we will set up a meeting providing you with the opportunity to meet the site manager where you will be able to review the plans of your new home.
  • You will need to appoint a solicitor and legal advisor and let us know their contact details so our solicitors can share the draft contracts and any relevant documentation. You will need to pay your solicitor for any searches that are required in relation to your purchase, and your solicitor will also need to be informed about our 28 day exchange deadline to ensure they will be able to effect exchange of contracts in that time.
  • Our sales team are happy to recommend a solicitor if you don’t already have one.
  • If you need to apply for a mortgage, our sales team can recommend an independent financial advisor should you need one.
  • You must transfer your deposit to your solicitor prior to exchange of contracts, and your solicitor will then make arrangements with our solicitor to exchange contracts. Once all of your questions and queries about your new home have been answered and our solicitor has received your deposit funds, exchange of contracts will take place.
  • Approximately 14 days before you can move in to your new home, we will provide you with a firm legal completion date. Once you have this, you can start making arrangements for your new home, including booking removal companies, arranging new phone lines and transferring utility accounts.
  • Before you move in, we will arrange for you to visit your new home with the site manager who will go through your new home to make sure you are familiar with all its features.
  • On the day of legal completion, we will wait for a call from our solicitor to confirm that funds have been received and your purchase is therefore complete. We will then handover the keys to your new home and you will be able to move in.
  • Our site team will pay you two courtesy visits after you have moved in, to make sure that any questions you may have can be answered – find out more about this process on our Customer Journey page.